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powered by alkaline or Ni-MH
rechargeable batteries which
are readily available
worldwide. An ideal travelling
are compact, high power
models powered by lithium
and Li-ion batteries. There is a
model for every requirement.
which are compact, light and
incredibly bright
unbeatable performance at an
affordable price. There is a
model for every requirement.
Batteries for your Fenix
bike mounts, filters, holsters and
premium build quality,
outstanding brightness and a
wide battery choice
Fenix E Series are the entry
level models and represent
excellent value for money.
cutting edge technology at an
affordable price. They come
complete with battery packs
and handle bar mounts.
supplied complete with
rechargeable batteries and
charging leads. Ideal for
regular users.
adjustable beams from spot
to food.
           Fenix Torches
The Fenix range utilize premium quality Cree LEDs and incorporate advanced regulated micro circuit design. The torches feature versatility, endurance and above all performance.

Fenixlight are leaders in the LED torch industry, and since appearing on the market they have produced an outstanding product line.

With the creation of the original Fenix L1 which surpassed all industry standards for flashlights and torches - gaining them the award for most innovative torch in 2005 as voted for by users and media. Fenixlight were the first mass manufacturer to bring such a high quality single AA cell LED torch to the market and ever since then the future for Fenix torches has grown brighter and brighter.
motion control technology to
simplify the user-interface of
diving lights