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The MiniStar2 Extreme® LED Conversion from TerraLUX is the ultimate performance upgrade for your MagLite® MiniMag®.  At 140 lumens, it’s 10 x brighter than a standard bulb, and double the runtime on a set of AA batteries make the MiniStar2 Extreme® the smart choice when upgrading your torch to today’s standards. 


•  Brightest LED upgrade available for the original incandescent Mini Maglite
• Utilizes the Cree (XRE-7090) LED,
• Upgrades the Mini Maglite 2AA to tactical performance
• Produces intense white light even when batteries are low
• Up to 140 Lumens of light.
• PowerPush circuit regulates battery power to maintain constant light even when batteries are low
• Runs for 3 to 4 hours (doubles battery length when compared to original bulb)
• Produces pure white light - even when batteries are low
• Retains focussing ability of the Mini Mag 2AA
• 100,000 hour rated LED lifetime use
• More reliable and shock resistant
• Works with all standard AA batteries (two of them)
• Easy to fit, includes replacement reflector
• Huge improvement on candle mode, excellent for camping etc

***Please note these upgrades are designed for use in the original Mini Maglite 2 AA incandescent model with the bi-pin bulb, they do NOT fit the new Maglite Mag-LED 2 AAA / 2 AA LED models or the 1 AAA battery Solitaire.***

Special features:-

The LED bulb has polarized contacts , however if the contacts are connected in reverse the LED will not light but no damage will be done and the LED will work when the polarity is corrected (simply rotate it 180 degrees so the :LED bulb legs go in the opposite holes)

Package and Contents

• LED bulb  and reflector in retail blister pack


Your LED bulb will be carefully packaged and dispatched by Royal Mail 1st class post. Allow 1 to 2 working days for UK delivery.

For shipping to other European and Worldwide countries this item with packaging weighs just 30 grams, please refer to shipping for prices.

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