Images of beam shots of a TTS-1WCOL fitted in a 2 cell Maglite Torch


The TTS-1WCOL is a universal 1 Watt LED bulb designed to suit most traditional torches available in red, blue and green colours.


• 40 - 50 Lumens of  coloured light output
• Common / standard flange base (fits most torches)
• Operates on wide voltage range 1.5 - 9V DC
• Works and fits in nearly all battery operated devices
• Consistent brightness and colour regardless of battery condition
• Electronic regulation for rock steady light output
• Never burns out - an incredible 50,000 hour life expectancy
• Environment, energy saving friendly and shock-resistant
• Coloured LED bulbs are ideal for night vision, signalling, emergencies and projects.

Special features:-

1) The bulb has reverse polarity protection. The LED bulb has polarized contacts with the positive supply to the base (typical standard torch set up), however if the contacts are connected in reverse the LED will not light but no damge will be done and it will work when the polarity is corrected.

2) Longer battery life results from the circuit built into the unit which completely utilizes the power from the batteries, whilst maintaining constant light output.

Similar size to standard torch bulbs, total length from top of LED to base of bulb is approx 25mm and width of barrel 9mm.

Package and Contents

LED bulb in clear re-useable small plastic case


Your order will be carefully packaged and dispatched by Royal Mail post within one working day of being received. Typical postage time for 2nd class post is two to three days. Optional postage upgrades are available.

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