Maglite ML300L LED Replacement

As the standard original ML300L LED bulb does not come with a LED driver, it' can burn out and lumen depreciation can be noticable after using for one or two years. This is the main reason for this LED replacement.

The runtime of  the LED is approximately 55 hours with a 3D cell ML300L. The output lumen of  the LED replacement may not be brighter than the standard original ML300L, approximately 700 lumen in a 3 D cell ML300L

Operating voltage 1.5 to 4.5 volts (brightest at 4.5 volts) so most suited in the 3 cell Maglite.

Please watch our product video showing the installlation of the LED replacement in a ML300L Maglite torch.

Package and Contents

Carefully packaged Maglite ML300L LED replacemet kit (includes tweezers as in product video)


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